Why do we need free antivirus

Why do we need free antivirus

Antivirus is important if you want to be aloof from any malicious activities on the internet. A range of antivirus software is available which can be tried for free and are considered among best free antivirus programs. Before dwelling on searching for different antivirus, it is important to consider as to why we need a free antivirus.

The industry of antivirus software is expanding rapidly, and it is, therefore, a good time to try some of the best free antivirus programs available online.

Considered good for the pocket
At times, a person is not in a position to pay for the antivirus and yet they need a comprehensive protection from the best free antivirus programs. It is in these times that free antivirus plays their role since these are free and offer basic protection to the internet user. The downside, however, is that some toolbars might also have to be installed as these protect the user from viewing unwanted advertisements, which follow along with the free version of antivirus.

The key benefit is that the money saved on the installation of a paid antivirus can be put to some other use.

Several products can be tested
It is not as if a person is installing a free version of antivirus then they will never upgrade to the paid version. With the best free antivirus programs in place, a range of testing can be done before installing the final product. As these entire antiviruses come for free, it is not unusual for the users to uninstall any one antivirus product if they find it not useful for their present need. This luxury cannot be availed in case of paid versions since the users have paid for the antivirus and uninstalling the same will mean a loss of precious money.

Even if you are thinking of having a paid version of antivirus in the later stage, having a basic-free version, in the beginning, will help you know about the long trial.

Basic protection for free
Who does not like freebies and this is true in case of free antivirus. When you choose from among best free antivirus programs, basic protection in the form of safety from the virus is in the offering. A normal user who uses the personal computer for basic internet services can suffice well through the use of a free version of antivirus and will thus be able to carry out the minimal tasks online safely.

Comprehensive free trial period
If as a commercial user, you intend to upgrade to the paid version after a while, all the antivirus service providers have their free trial version. By availing the facility of free antivirus, you will get ample time to test and try the usage of these antiviruses and will be able to check the numerous features for yourself.

Most of the antivirus companies offer one month trial period, and an avid internet user can try a range of antivirus products before they make their mind to buy a paid version of the same.

Works in the background
Essentially there is no difference between free and paid version of the antivirus except that paid version offers more protection depending upon the cost of the antivirus. The free antivirus works in the background, and this means that the user can carry out the tasks they might be doing, even when the antivirus is scanning the system.