Wedding guest book – Design, presentation, and DIY ideas

Wedding guest book – Design, presentation, and DIY ideas

The moments that lead up to a wedding and the ones that follow are something most couples treasure throughout their lives. Some frame their wedding invitations, flowers, or even décor, while others hold on to their wedding attire and pass it on to the next generation. But one special keepsake that couples treasure is their wedding guest book. These books help couples personalize their big day and revisit and cherish those memories on anniversaries.

Couples can design a wedding guest book in several ways. For instance, they could visit shopping websites to source personalized wedding guest books that include pictures of their liking. That said, there are a few essential tips to follow while designing the book.

A great way to begin is by writing the couple’s name, wedding date, and other details on the first page, like the lyrics from their first dance. While other information can follow, the pages should match the wedding colors or theme that is being planned. Moreover, the book’s design should complement the couple’s home, where it will be kept after the wedding. For example, if a couple wants to keep the wedding guest book on their coffee table, they should design it to complement their home décor. Most importantly, the book should have sufficient pages for the guests to write, doodle, or paste photographs as they prefer.

Correctly presenting a guest book at the wedding is the key to getting the maximum number of guests to participate in the activity. One tip is to display the book near the reception entrance so guests can sign it upon arrival. But sometimes, the venue layout may make it difficult to do this. In such situations, couples can place the wedding book in an open space where it is easily visible. This location should be spacious for family, friends, and guests to hang out comfortably without being rushed or cramped for space to sign the book. Another way to get guests to sign the book is to dress the table with decorations to make it visually appealing. If possible, the couple should also designate a close family member to remind people to sign the book as they pass by.

Popular wedding guest book ideas
Traditionally, a wedding guest book is a bound book where friends, family members, and other guests sign their names and sometimes leave well-wished or inspirational messages to motivate the wedded couple. Using a bound book is still lovely, but couples have started personalizing this wedding detail. Doing so makes it much more fun and memorable for the newlyweds and the guests. Here are six non-traditional wedding guestbook alternatives to try:

Thumb impressions
Thumb impressions are among the most creative ideas for a wedding guest book. The couple draws a giant tree with several branches to set the idea in motion. During the wedding, the couple or the person in charge places an eco-friendly ink pad next to the artwork. Now the guests press their thumbs against the ink pad and make an impression on the tree’s branches, creating the leaves. They sometimes also sign over the imprint so the couple can identify who it belongs to.

Jenga set
Implementing this idea could make playing Jenga way more fun. The couple purchases a blank Jenga set (or two, based on the expected number of people at the wedding) and has their guests sign the blocks. Each time the newlyweds have friends and family over in the future, they play the game and revisit the wishes scribbled into the set on their special day.

Beach and nautical keepsakes
Couples who enjoy spending time at the beach love this idea. They use objects like a surfboard, a model sailboat, stones, oars, a wooden anchor, or seashells to collect signatures and written wishes from guests at their wedding. Some couples get friends, family members, and guests to sign on parchment and then put the paper in a bottle.

Signature tree
A signature tree is among the prettiest guest book ideas. Couples create a tree using craft paper and shape the leaves as hearts or another object of their choosing. At the wedding, guests sign on the leaves or write well wishes. Once the event is over, the couple frames the tree or hangs it on a wall to cherish it forever.

Wooden sign board
This type of signboard is a beautiful guest book DIY idea any couple could use. The craft requires the couple to purchase a large wooden board of a style they prefer and inscribe their wedding details. With guest signatures on it, the wooden board serves as an attractive piece of wall art at the newlyweds’ home.

Music records
Using records as a medium for a wedding guest book is ideal for newlyweds who are all about music. Couples create this keepsake by purchasing circular MDF boards from a local craft shop in a suitable size. Next, they paint the boards to make them look like music records and get their guests to sign them. The record labels include details like their wedding date, favorite lyrics, and the names of special dances.