Top 6 people-search websites

Top 6 people-search websites

Thanks to technology, the world is now smaller as it helps us connect with people easily. Sometimes, we may lose touch with people due to a lack of communication. In such cases, inquiring within our social circle may not be enough, especially if they live far away. This is where a people-search company/website comes handy.

Such sites are also commonly known as data or information brokers. Here, one can buy and sell personal information. These sites collect information from sources like old accounts, public court documents, online surveys completed by people, and even real estate holdings.

Most of these sites let you search for information for free unless you ask for more detailed reports; then there is a minimal charge. You can expect a charge of about $2.95 or $3.50 a month. After payment, you can view someone’s social networking profiles, phone numbers, residential addresses, email addresses, full name, family history, estimated net worth, and details like hobbies, etc. Some websites, however, may charge you between $7 and $30 as well.

Now, let’s take a look at some top people-search websites that will help you find accurate information.

Wink is a widely used site with almost a million daily users. One of the best features about Wink is that you can search for people by their name, location, school, and employer. It also allows users to view the public profile and reveals several details about the subject they are looking for. However, it can be difficult to find Facebook profiles that are private. Also, the site lays out too many results, which may make it difficult for the users to narrow down their search quickly.

Additionally, this website allows users to access information of the people they studied with in elementary school, high school, or college.

Zabasearch is one of the leading providers of public data. They are well-known for their connections with other people. Zabasearch, however, does not provide consumer reports and does not appreciate its use for determining a person’s credit, insurance, housing, and employment eligibility.

This website offers people-search service for free and gives access to public information and records. The information this website carries is pulled from sources like databases, phone directories, and court records.

Users who don’t want their personal information on Zebasearch can restrict their information from being searched through the blocking options available.

Pipl claims to be one of the most comprehensive people search on the web as they use an identity resolution engine, a powerful engine that identifies the person users are looking for. Pipl searches a wide variety of sites before presenting their result. If a user already has a lead, the website digs deep to find complete information.

Pipl offers special services to non-profit organizations and even gives them a discount to help them serve their clients better.

Unlike Zabasearch, Pipl lets its users use the website for a background check for employment. In fact, they are proud to provide services for business solutions to many companies.

US Search
US Search is one of the most comprehensive people-search websites as it allows users to get access of information that includes business websites, reverse email search, marketing surveys, family members, neighborhood information, public records, and more. The website even offers helpful customer service and carries an extensive FAQ section.

AnyWho offers its services to people as well as businesses. The user can find someone by name, address, or phone number. The homepage of the website offers many search tips to help users get accurate results. The website updates its data on a weekly basis with phone numbers in order to deliver accuracy.

Additionally, their reverse phone lookup service is used to search phone numbers. It is often used to check missed and incoming calls as well. Their yellow pages are specifically made to look for local businesses by name.  However, their finds have listings with basic details.

This reputable people-search company provides detailed reports to users along with several pricing options based on the level of information required. Some service features provided are addresses, tax evasion, criminal records, securities fraud, and drug trafficking.

Intelius also offers other detailed information like traffic violations, sex offenses, court dates, reverse phone number check, disposition filing date, misdemeanors, felonies, and more.

Additionally, they also provide impressive customer service and support. Users can install the mobile application for better accessibility.

It is essential to note that although the information provided by these sites is personal, they are not illegal and in fact abide by the rules and regulation of the Federal Trade Commission, a government agency that protects the country’s consumers. You can visit their official website to gain a better insight into their policies