Tips to buy the right game console

Tips to buy the right game console

In recent times, purchasing a gaming console has become a great challenge. A host of choices is available in the market which has led to confusion and turmoil. Sometimes, we might have regretted our decisions after the purchase is done. To avoid such blunders, and optimize your research skills, firstly decide on your budget, type of games and features you would want in the gaming console. Also, make a quick comparison between the ones you have shortlisted. Ask your friends or an influencer for a snapshot of the ones they have purchased.
There are also old game consoles that are still prevalent and can be played. If you are the ones who like to have your hands on the classic video game consoles or you want to expand your console collection, then you can research for them online and make a purchase according to your benefits.
Apart from these, have a look at the guide below which will enhance your research skills and will lead you to make the right decision.

A Brief History Of Video Game Consoles

The first game console that came into sight in the 1950s was a huge computer connected to a display device. Ralph H. Baer formulated the first home game console in 1951. Magnavox envisaged the first home game console, played via a TV set. Classic video game consoles are still available in the market which includes Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1990), Sega Master Star (1955) and many others. Super Mario Sunshine, Rogue Leader, Eternal Darkness are some of the popular games that were played in every household back in those times.

Brown Box,  the brainchild of Ralph H. Baer, is also one of the old game consoles that were created. Brown Box was the first game console which had mode changes. Its success led to an agreement between Magnavox and Sanders Associates.

PC Versus Console: The Better Gaming Choice

Whether to buy a PC or a console depends on various factors. The deciding factors are your taste, technical know-how, and budget. If you are looking at quantity, flexibility, and power, PC grabs the most points but if you consider the pricing, consoles win hands down.

Technically too, consoles are far superior to the PC. The hardware of consoles offered today is easier to work on for developers. Their hardware makes it accessible to play the latest games. With single hardware, the developers make video games adaptable to newer games.

Factors to Look At While Buying

Do a detailed comparison of the performance of gaming consoles you want to buy. Check the sound quality, graphics, gamepad quality, blu-ray discs, budget, etc.

The latest generation and the upcoming consoles, like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, are still worth purchasing. Old game consoles cost half the price of the newer generation. You can play most of the old game consoles through a port or emulation.

Always buy original video game consoles from reputed stores and also ask for a warranty – both from retailers and wholesalers. You can buy original video game consoles from highly regarded game showrooms or computer shops.

If you are shopping online, opt for a purchase from reputed online sites. Don’t forget to go through the replacement and refund rules before ordering the consoles.

Quality of the console is never compromised in the original video game consoles. Check the authenticity and the packaging quality of video game consoles as fake ones are available in the market.