Microsoft game consoles – Features, quality, and prices

Microsoft game consoles are some of the best in the gaming market. These consoles are made with the latest technology and ensure the best gaming experience. Game consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Microsoft Xbox One S are popular for their features and quality.

Finest specifications
Microsoft added upgrades such as a built-in Wi-Fi, a smaller chassis and a bigger hard drive to the Xbox 360 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 S. The console had a new hardware structure that eliminated all overheating issues.

You can check out Xbox 360 reviews online for the pros and cons of the console. Another version of the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 E, is also a good choice for fine control features. You could also look for Xbox 360 E reviews online.

Its successor, the Microsoft Xbox One S promises smoother control features and a well thought out hardware design. The Xbox One reviews online vouch for the quality of this Microsoft game console.

Convenient gaming
Microsoft prioritizes on ensuring convenience in gaming by enhancing the console’s’ user interface and controls. Quality consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 come with the much-needed HDMI connection, but no longer has a multi-AV out port.

You can buy Microsoft game consoles online. A cable to facilitate a composite connection comes in the box.

Choose Microsoft game consoles for gaming and entertainment
The Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox One S are top-selling modern consoles. The game libraries are top notch. Microsoft game consoles come with a great collection of fine third-party games which you can also find on the PS3.

These consoles contain popular games such as Call of Duty, Madden, Grand Theft Auto, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, BioShock and so forth.

The Xbox One reviews online also speak highly of the quality of the movie watching experience. For a good combination of gaming and entertainment, Microsoft game consoles are a great choice!

Consoles at great prices available online
The Xbox One prices usually range from approximately $229 to $399. You can check out the detailed specifications online and avail the Xbox One discounts to suit your budget.

Check out some great Xbox 360 deals online. Xbox 360 prices ensure good value for money. The refurbished Xbox 360 Elite 500 GB black gaming console comes for $162.89 approximately. The Xbox 360 Pro System with 20 GB Hard Drive is available at a sale price of approximately $109.99.

Check out websites like TechRadar for Xbox 360 reviews and information on Xbox 360 sales. Look for Xbox 360 discounts and deals that suit your budget and gaming interests. Order online and have quality game consoles delivered to you!