Make Jello pretzel desserts using substitute ingredients

Make Jello pretzel desserts using substitute ingredients

Desserts are the perfect way to conclude that main course, but not everyone can have one. People with lactose intolerance, different allergies cannot consume certain ingredients which just might be the star of a jello recipe. But there are substitutes which can be used to make the same dessert without compromising its taste and texture.

Here are a few variants.

Easy sugar free strawberry pretzel dessert: The key ingredient to make jello which is gelatin also comes in a sugar free variant, which makes the dessert a sugar free treat. Pretzels are blended in a food processor with butter to give it that fine coarse consistency while the sugar free gelatin sets in strawberries incorporated with vanilla extract. The pretzel meal is then pressed to form a crust over which the gelatin will be poured and left to set in the refrigerator for about three to four hours until it is well set. A family dessert which will easily yield 10 to 12 servings.

Easy low calorie strawberry jello salad: For the calorie-conscious who still crave that occasional spoonful for dessert, this recipe is a perfect alternative to the classic jello pretzels which features the use of fiber one cereal instead of pretzels. The crust is prepared with fiber one cereal combined with sugar substitutes like splenda, mixed with water and salt. A layer of fat free cream cheese forms the base coat over which the strawberry gelatin, also made with sugar free gelatin is poured and left to set. A perfect and relatively healthier alternative to the classic.

Easy gluten free strawberry pretzel: Another fine substitute for your regular pretzel, glutino pretzel twists which are readily available in the market. The use of fat free cream cheese and sugar free gelatin will also help with the low calorie count and fat content, cutting through all that acidity in the jello. Gluten is a protein which is found in wheat, being the main ingredient to make pretzels.

Substitutes may not replicate the dish exactly in taste and texture, but are far better than not having any dessert at all. Alternatives give way to new variants of the same dessert using substitutes for the key ingredients. Similar recipes can be looked up online, with step by step instructions to prepare this sinfully sweet jello that melts in your mouth along with the soft, salty buttery crust of the pretzel.