Know more about the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Know more about the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The much awaited phone by Samsung, Note 10, is finally hitting the market in August 2019. It’s 6.3-inch FHD display, 8/12GB RAM with 256/512GB internal storage and upgraded S Pen are some of the prominent features you ought to know about first. An interesting fact about the new Note 10 is that its 12GB RAM with 512GB storage, which is expandable up to 1TB, will come 5G-ready, which is by far the most exciting part about the phone. Having said that, Samsung is now ready to share its cutting edge technology in its latest Galaxy Note 10 phone that promises enhanced user experience.


Style and display
Samsung is here to impress us with its brand new display. The color of the phone is inspired by a range of bold and vibrant hues and is made of durable Gorilla Glass 6. The polished glass material of the phone catches light that creates a premium futuristic aura. The Note 10 is available in three color variants – Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura White.

User interface
Samsung’s user interface, One UI, focuses on what matters to the users. The intuitive interface makes your life easier and allows you to operate your phone with much ease, especially when you are multitasking.

Bixby Vision helps you with the things around you like your food, the wine bottle in front of you, the status of your flight, and translation of the words from other languages.

The supportive UI helps you with your daily tasks by learning your daily patterns and taking certain actions automatically. For example, it would automatically turn down the ringer before you hit the bed, turn to hands-free navigation and music as you get in your car, or turn off sounds while you are at work.

The phone also allows you to hear the next day’s schedule and weather. Another most interesting part about the UI is that it allows users to join the UI Beta programme that would enable the users to experience the latest software updates before anyone else and give first-hand feedback.

The Note 10 offers a cinematic screen to the users that has a hidden Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner that detects the 3D ridges and valleys of the fingerprint. The Infinity-O Display and the discreetly positioned front camera give an uninterrupted screen view.

The phone allows users to experience a cinema-grade viewing experience in bright day light as well as in the dark. The screen is HDR10+ certified coupled with Dynamic Tone Mapping for effective playback with tone. This display is easy on the eyes as it reduces the harmful blue light without compromising color.


Users have two ways to charge their Note 10—using the wire charger that would take only 30 minutes for full charge or the cordless charger that allows Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.

The internal storage of the Note 10 is up to 256GB. This storage capacity is a lot and lets users store all their files, songs, movies, photographs, and videos.

Gaming and audio
The phone can be a gaming haven as it comes with improved AI, enhanced NPU, and the newly designed vapor chamber cooling system that allows gamers to continue playing without worrying about the phone heating up.

As far as the audio is concerned, the phone takes sound to the next level with its Dolby Atmos stereo audio that offers rich 3D sound experience through the speakers and Type-C earphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has four cameras of which three are rear and one is on the front. The camera brings a user-friendly pro-grade movie technology to a smartphone. It lets you take clearer videos and photos while enabling immediate editing tools to enhance your videos.

The Zoom-in Mic allows the users to record only those sounds they want while filming a video. This gives the users the ability to capture sounds that matter to them.

The super steady technology in the camera lets users take action shots smoothly. The camera is designed to predict movements thereby reducing vibrations in the videos.

S Pen
The elegant unibody designed S Pen has a battery life of up to 10 hours so users can use it for writing, drawing, and controlling for longer periods. It is Bluetooth-enabled, which makes the S Pen a remote control that can be used for navigating through presentations, playing and pausing videos and clicking pictures. Being Bluetooth enabled and engineered for air action, the S Pen gives users intuitive control with a wave of a hand.