iPhone 8 – User experience

iPhone 8 – User experience

People are crazy about iPhones as they not only deliver everything they promise, iPhones are equal to a status symbol. Here is my experience of using the all-new exciting iPhone 8.

Classic Design

This revolves around one kind of notion which says that design isn’t important for smartphones. In today’s world where every brand focuses on design and shape like the features, it’s pretty much important for capturing the attention of Gen Y. The Nice design depicts the thing gets out of the way. Hence it’s easy for you to use it intuitively.
In Case of this, I always liked the visceral simplicity regarding ‘Home’ option that conducts multiple tasks based on the related activity. The iPhone 8 series including iPhone 8 plus maintains every design aspect which makes the Apple smartphone the most popular as well as a most selling model across the decade.
Besides, the attention to the design or shape doesn’t mean negligence to the features, as the device rest upon internal hardware designs, the silicon as well as the software.

A11 Processor

This is exclusively designed by Apple and much faster as compared to any other of the market. Although, I pick Pixel 2 as well as the recent high-end Samsung to be the best rivals in this aspect. This establishes that the iPhone 8 series is the speediest mobiles as of now.

Tweaked Features

As far as the silicon application talent is regarded, the new camera sensor or graphics processor as well as motion processor including the Touch ID, etc. are perfect examples of these.

Each of the hardware features is modified in such a way that the Hangover won’t fade until the next version launch. Except for the Face ID, iPhone 8 plus gives an awesome experience which is equally powerful as compared to the brand’s showstopper device, the iPhone X.

In spite of having a hard time to find latest display features for iPhone 8 as well as iPhone 8 plus, the brand maintains its reputation by using Retina displays. It ensures to get quirkiest picture quality without any dead pixels.

Cool camera on the iPhone 8 Plus

As per the user’s point of view, the camera of iPhone 8 plus is amazing. The main thing is Apple not only focuses on the hardware aspects but the development of software. And this makes the improvement and one of the best (probably best) smartphones regarding photography. Click, edit, share and be proud of your photos. And you can get it years late just by asking iPhone 8 plus’s Siri to ‘get the snap taken at ‘this place’ at ‘this time.’

The brand brings in the tools for working with the greater range of metadata caught and stored within the latest selected HEIC picture format.

Reasons behind loving the iPhone’s bump

Personally, I like the bump which is the protrusion of camera lenses. Through this, the camera can click some superb pictures. Nonetheless, it shuts down after putting the iPhone in a case(and you should do it as it’s made up of glass). Although the Apple claims it to be super strong.

So not just hardware, but the software evolution in case of iPhone 8 is truly magnificent. The close integrity of the software and hardware makes it worthwhile buy even if it’s a bit heavy on your pocket. Henceforth, it’s far from being boring and obviously the quintessence of one decade of iPhone design.

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