How to take good care of your Goodyear tires

How to take good care of your Goodyear tires

Tires are an important part of every vehicle, not just because they help move the vehicle but they also play an important role in the determining the overall performance of the vehicle. The right tires can ensure a smooth ride and even help with fuel efficiency.

Goodyear tires have been providing the auto industry with some of the best tires in the industry. They have shown innovativeness and care in each of their tire models for over a hundred years. Goodyear offers reliable tires of the best quality to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

It is important to take good care of your Goodyear tires to get the best mileage and performance for your vehicle. Here are some tips to help you take good care of your tires.

Proper inflation pressure inspection
The wrong inflation pressure can affect the mileage and performance of a vehicle. Not just that, driving a vehicle with the wrong inflation pressure is unsafe. To ensure that the Goodyear tires of your vehicle have proper inflation pressure, you need to inspect the tires at least on a monthly basis. You should do this inspection when the tires have cooled down using an accurate tire pressure gauge. Make sure you maintain inflation pressure at the recommended level for your Goodyear tires.

Damage inspection
Make it a point to check your Goodyear tires for damage at least once in a month. If something does not look okay and if you are not sure about it, get it checked by the dealer or a tire service center to be sure. Driving in a vehicle with damaged tires is not a safe practice and may lead to accidents.

Use the correct tire size and type
To get the best mileage and performance for your vehicle the brand recommends that the Goodyear tires of the same size and type should be used together instead of using a mix of different types. This, however, does not apply in situations where vehicle manufacturers may advise otherwise.

Pay attention to system alerts
Most vehicles now are equipped with pressure warning indicators. Read your Goodyear tires manual as well as the vehicle manual to understand what the indicator would mean and what you need to do in such a scenario. Speak to experts about the same if you are not able to comprehend the information from the manuals.

Tires from Goodyear are reliable and are available in different seasonal options. The Goodyear website often has good tire deals which are worth exploring. Use the tips mentioned here to maintain your tires in the best condition and get the best out of it for your vehicles.