How to clean a clogged drain pipe

How to clean a clogged drain pipe

Homeowners always try to find ways for saving up on household expenses. For instance, cleaning a clogged drain pipe can bring about a huge difference in their household expenditure. Having clogged drains is a very serious problem, but its solution can be found out with the simplest tools and equipment. If the house owner wants to save on exorbitant professional fees, he can always go about doing the task himself. Some simple cleaning elements will help you in your work.

How to go about the process?
A clogged drain in the bathroom is a common sight, where the water drains out slower than usual. Sometimes, strands of hair also clogs the drains. Removing these hair strands is crucial when it comes to cleaning a clogged drain pipe. Cleaning them on the surface level is very easy, but cleaning those within the drain, often becomes the toughest part of the story. One cannot just use a plunger. Often you need to manually remove the stopper and fish the strands out.
However, it is very easy to fix a clogged pipe that is there in the sink. A plunger will easily serve the purpose. As long as a sink plunger is used, one can suck out any obstruction that is responsible for the drainage problem. If the sink plunger is not working, a toilet plunger can be used. If none of them solve the purpose, you can always go for a dissolving agent. Just remove the stopper and allow a few drops of the solution to drop down the pipe. The clog gets dissolved within a few minutes.

Kitchen clogged drains
Any clogged drain in the kitchen can also be cleaned in the same way. Before you use the sink plunger for the kitchen drain, use a wet cloth to block the other side. This helps to prevent the water from just swishing around in the pipes. Be ready with a big pail or a container because usually clogged kitchen sinks release a considerable amount of water. Loosen one of the pipe connections to drain out the water. When the container starts filling, tighten the pipe connection in order to get some time to dispose the collected water. This process can be repeated multiple times until cleaning is complete.

Even a single clogged drain in the house can spell disaster and slow up the entire drainage system. Some simple measures can address this issue.

Block the temporary connection between the drainage and the sewer system.
Keep a trash can and a drain strainer in the bathroom to prevent objects from being washed into the open drain.
Clean the filter regularly to stay away from these issues.
Following the above guidelines will definitely help in cleaning a clogged drain pipe.