Here’s Why Samsung 4K LED TVs Are a Great Choice

Here’s Why Samsung 4K LED TVs Are a Great Choice

Samsung has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and quality viewing. Most of its models are similar, with slight changes over the years. However, the wide gamut of colors on the newer models has changed the way the brand operates and is making it popular amongst more discerning buyers.

Samsung compared with other brands
Samsung TVs generally edge out the others on several fronts. The first is that they do not have any specific advantages, but perform well across the board. The new Samsung 4K LED TV sets also have a very good upscale engine. The TV can easily upscale low resolution content, like broadcast TV or DVD. Another impressive feature is their low input lag, which works well for gamers. The TV does not take in too much input lag, so games work well. It is to be noted that Samsung TVs generally are made of some plastic so the product may not be as durable as other brands.

Popular products
The Samsung 2018 Q9FN QLED TV is one of the best-rated television sets in the market today. It has several features, like HDR, which is excellent for watching TV shows and movies. The color spectrum is another great feature. The shadow levels on this set cannot be matched because of the dimming feature. You can watch it in either dark or bright environments without much trouble. It is a good family TV that works well in the living room. The motion handling ensures there are no stutters as well.

Features of Samsung 4K LED TVs
Initially, in the nascent stage of developments in Smart OS, Samsung took the lead and was ahead of competitors with their interface. However, soon LG caught up and has now surpassed them. Samsung has made several changes by updating the Smart Hub platform in 2015, which works on the Tizen OS. They also updated voice control features later and have now brought in Bixby virtual assistant to their Q and N line of products. The virtual assistant is integrated with the SmartThings platform and can connect to lights, door locks, outlets, and other devices that are compatible.

Smart TV interface
The user interface is very good and the app allows you to make selections based on the categories you select. The search function is very helpful and almost all popular video and music app selections are available on it. The web browser is comparable to Chrome and the directional pad on the remote control helps to navigate effortlessly.