Here’s how you can use a car rental coupon

Here’s how you can use a car rental coupon

Car rental coupons can help you great save good money on your rental. You can also use these coupons in association with discount and save even more. There are ways that you can get car rental coupons and use them. Here are some things that you need to know about car rental coupons
Car rental coupons are available at many places. You can find the coupons online, in magazines, yellow pages, newspapers advertisements, and from visitor guides. You can also get service-specific car rental coupons from renowned auto-garages. Some car rental coupons work only in the US or other corporate locations.

There are many types of car rental coupons
Money off coupons Money off coupons can help you reduce 5 to 50 dollars from your total rental price.
Required rental time The amount of money that is discounted usually depends on the number of rental days and sometimes the size of the vehicle that is being rented.
Days specific car rental coupons Most of the money off car rental coupons will work only on weekly or weekend rentals. Hence, always check for terms and conditions on each coupon for such specific deals.
Car-size-specific coupons Most coupons only work on a specific car segment, such as full size or mid-sized cars. There are very few coupons that will work on a rented SUV or minivan. Always check for the back of the coupon, you may find all the sizes listed that are available for that particular coupon.
Free day coupons You can usually find free day coupons that might be available for compact to full sized-cars for weekly or weekday rentals. To calculate the value of the free day, consider the base rate and divide it by the number of rental days. This gives an average daily rate.

Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the quoted price. The value of the money off or a free day coupon will not be calculated into the total price.

Upgrade your choice with an upgrade coupon. Upgrade coupons are either single upgrade or double upgrade. For instance, book for a mid-size and you may receive upgrade for full size.

Use the frequent flyer program, many frequent flyer programs have partnership with the car rental companies. These can be usually found at the website or in mail listings.