A comprehensive guide to buying the right refrigerator

A comprehensive guide to buying the right refrigerator

Refrigerators are appliances that every household needs. It helps you store food and beverages, optimizing its lifetime. While refrigerators used to be simple appliances that did not require much deliberation while buying, it is not the same now. One needs to consider a lot of factors and features of the refrigerator before zeroing in on the right one. The modern refrigerator is not just an appliance to store your food items but also adds to the style statement of your kitchen.

The refrigerator brands have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. This abundance of choices may sometimes leave you confused as to which one to get. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to choose a refrigerator with two of the factors and features you can weigh in while making your decision. Before you step out to buy a refrigerator, it is imperative to decide on the type and size of the refrigerator.

Type of refrigerator
There are four types of refrigerators that is currently reigning the market – top freezer models, bottom freezer models, side by side door models, and French door models. While the top freezer models are the most common types of refrigerators, the others are worth exploring especially if they are clearance refrigerators where you can get the fancier models at an affordable price.

Bottom freezers are not very different from the top freezer models in functionality and features except for the design difference as these models have their freezers in the bottom. These are great as a freezer at the bottom would mean not bending or reaching out extensively to take out the fresh foods from one’s fridge.

The side by side models are the fancier models as compared to the top and bottom freezer models. These have two doors side by side, with one side for frozen food and the other for fresh food. These refrigerators are a viable option as a clearance refrigerator if you have space to accommodate the two doors.

The French door models are the fanciest of all and are a combination of side by side doors with a bottom freezer (usually drawer style). These are great for those looking for plenty of space as well as advanced features and looks.

Size of the refrigerator
While you may want as much space as you can get in refrigerators, buying a refrigerator that is too big for your requirements can be expensive in two ways i.e. spending more on the fridge and higher utility bills. You can estimate the capacity of the refrigerator you need by this simple rule of thumb of allocating 4 to 6 cubic feet space for each member of the household with an overall extra little space.

Even though you may get tempted to get a particular model when you see the different clearance refrigerators on sale, you will also have to consider how much space you have in your kitchen to place the fridge. You will have to measure the spot where you intend to place your refrigerator so that you can look for models that fit in that spot.

Another factor to consider is whether you have an entrance big enough to let your refrigerator be carried inside conveniently. A lot of time people realize that the refrigerator they have bought won’t pass through the doors of the homes and this fiasco occurs during the time of delivery. This can be a major inconvenience for you since you have already paid for the appliance and the store may or may not accommodate your request for change.

These are two essential factors that one needs to consider while shopping for a fridge. Also, your budget and your demands play a major role in determining the refrigerator that would soon grace your house.