Four cat breeds you must consider bringing home

Four cat breeds you must consider bringing home

Moody, naughty, and anti-social is the image of cats we all carry, but here’s a list of a few cat breeds that talk otherwise. They are the kind of pets you will long to have and receive lots of love from. Your home sure awaits these.

The oriental
The Orientals have a curious personality that’s smart and social. They bond well with the family and can be really loyal and playful. They have a sleek body, are rather muscular and have pointy ears. Attention is something all cats love, but Orientals can be really loud and openly demanding. Unlike the general perception, these cats are friendly, and would play with other pets too. Their life span is about 15 years and weigh about 8 pounds when fully grown.

The American shorthair
Colorful cats are hardly a sight, but these cats not just come in a variety of colors but patterns too. They are athletic and are known to have descended from the British shorthair. They have a comparatively longer lifespan of about 20 years. Kids would love these cats, and the shorthairs reciprocate just as much too. They are the one breed that would even be good company to dogs. Low maintenance with cats is a myth, but this cat breaks it all. They are gentle, easy going and don’t need too much grooming. They weight about 8 pounds.

The birman

Cats are really sharp beings and according to one certain myth, this particular breed of cats were known to be the protectors of the Burmese temples, from where they seem to have originated. Silky hair, long and sturdy, with blue eyes, pointy ears and milk white boots on all paws, these cats are extremely attractive. They are very loving, playful and yet can be really quiet when it realizes your needs. They are perfect for most families as they get along well with children and other animals too. They weigh about 12 pounds.

The sphynx

Sensitive and exotic are the two words that accurately describe these cats. They have fuzz all over their body that would remind you of peaches. Unlike popular belief, these cats are not completely hairless. They are very sensitive to the sun and should be kept indoors. Cuddly is another thing that most cats aren’t known for, but this holds as an exception to that rule. High on energy and very affectionate, they cuddle and snuggle with you. They weigh just about 15 pounds, but they have to be looked after well.