Essential bathroom cleaning products

Essential bathroom cleaning products

The right bathroom cleaning products can simplify the dreaded chore of cleaning your bathroom. Your requirement for cleaning supplies can differ from another person. You might need special products to clean the deposits of hard water from all the surfaces while another person might not.
So, here is an easy checklist for essential bathroom cleaning products for basic cleaning requirements.

Basic cleaning products
There are various types and brands of bathroom cleaning products available in the market today. You can start with the basics and if needed, buy special cleaning solutions later.

You will need mild bathroom cleaners for everyday cleaning tasks. But for tough stains, you might need to stock up on mildly-abrasive cleaning solutions. You can use this every month or so in order to give a thorough sprucing up to your tub, shower area and sink.

Stock up on an all-purpose cleaner to wipe cabinet doors and counter tops and any other surface in the bathroom.

A glass cleaner is an essential cleaning product for your bathroom. If mirrors are not wiped down daily or at least 2-3 times a week, water stains can damage the surface and it can also get difficult to clean the grime accumulated over days.

Buy an antibacterial bathroom cleaning product for the toilet exterior. You can also use it from time to time to disinfect the bathroom sink, tub and the floor.

Stock up on white vinegar and baking soda to effectively clean all bathroom surfaces in a natural way. Vinegar also works really well to clean hard water deposits from faucets and shower area.

Basic cleaning tools
It is futile to use even the best of bathroom cleaning products without the right tools.
You can’t really clean a bathroom without the right sponges. Use one made with a non-scratching material for countertops and sinks. Buy hard ones for tub and grout.

You will need a toilet brush that cleans the bowl well. A brush that doesn’t bend properly will not be effective for cleaning the toilet. Opt for one with plastic or nylon bristles that are stiff. The head of the brush must also reach under the rim and the handle must be sturdy enough. You can buy one that comes with a storage stand. This can help store the brush after drying, thereby preventing contamination.

Microfiber cloths are ideal for dusting the cabinets and other surfaces in the bathroom.

A mop to clean the bathroom floor is optional as you can get the job done in a better way by using a sponge. But if you are planning to use a mop, don’t use it for other floors in your house. Keep the bathroom mop separate.

Your used toothbrush can be a very vital tool to clean your bathroom. Due to its small size and narrow design, it can clean hard-to-reach places like under the faucets and drain circles.