4 home remedies for easing foot pain caused by diabetes

4 home remedies for easing foot pain caused by diabetes

Have you been experiencing tingling pain, numbness, painful cramps in the leg, or burning sensation in your feet? If you have diabetes, this is because of something called diabetic neuropathy (often called peripheral neuropathy). About 60-80% of all diabetic patients suffer from some form of diabetic neuropathy at some point in their lives. Treating this condition, which causes damage to peripheral nerves that control sensations to the feet, is hard but not impossible. Let us check out some diabetic foot remedies that are home-based.

Keep your blood sugar levels in check
You must always check your blood sugar levels so that you can take necessary measures to bring it under control. Since the main reason behind your feet pain is your blood sugar level, the best thing to do is control it.

Prepare a diet chart
Diet is an essential element in curing almost all health problems. Keeping your nutrient intake at a certain level on a daily basis is very important to ensure that you receive sufficient nutrients in proper amounts. The best way to monitor your nutrient intake is to create your own diet chart. Include the leafy vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. Try to avoid sweetened drinks and packaged foods. You can even practice healthier forms of cooking like roasting, boiling and baking and keep yourself away from the temptations of frying. Maintaining a proper diet is one of the easiest diabetic foot remedies.

Take Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-12 along with the other B group vitamins are well known for aiding the peripheral neuropathy treatment. Vitamin B-12 is very helpful in forming new red blood cells and maintain proper functioning of nerves. Research has proven that the diabetic patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy have been reported to have lower amounts of vitamin B-12 in their body.

Stop smoking
Smoking is a bad habit. It not only worsens feet pain that results from diabetes but also affects your lungs sometimes leading to cancer. It’s time to kick the cigarette butt.

Managing stress, eating well, and living healthy are the cornerstones of diabetic foot remedies and improving the quality of life.