Consider these points before buying a pre-owned Jeep Grand Cherokee

Consider these points before buying a pre-owned Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep® Grand Cherokee is the ultimate combination of style and power. There are a number of features that make this SUV stand out from the rest of its competitors. It is so popular that many consider buying pre-owned trim variants. While it is considerably cheaper to buy and pay for a pre-owned vehicle, you must have good knowledge about the current condition of the vehicle. It needs to pass certain inspections before being deemed worthy of driving after purchase.

Here are some of the most important points to consider at the nearest Jeep® Grand Cherokee sale before singing on that title deed.

Check the exterior
Since a jeep is mostly built for some serious off-road and rough terrain driving, it pays to check the exterior. Look for signs of wear on every inch of the chassis, and under the vehicle. The older the jeep, the more rust it will have accumulated over the years on the undercarriage. So, it is better to consider a used Jeep® Grand Cherokee that has been driven for a lesser number of miles. It is also crucial to check the frame around the windshield, hood, and fenders to identify any dings and damage due to off-roading.

Check under the hood
The engine is one of the most crucial components of any vehicle. And more so for a pre-owned one because the car has been driven for a number of miles before the owner decides to part with it. Ask for proper maintenance and repair records directly from the seller. Check if there has been any major engine work done most recently as it could indicate a more permanent engine problem that requires replacement. It is advisable to have a certified mechanic check the engine and transmission assembly.

Take a test drive
It doesn’t matter if the jeep you plan to buy has been driven on rough terrain for a few years or smooth paved roads for a greater part of its use. The mileage will be fairly relative despite different driving conditions. What matters is the present condition of the vehicle and the only one way to determine the same is a test drive. Hire a certified technician who can also drive and assess the condition of the used Jeep® Grand Cherokee available for sale. After all, pre-owned premium vehicles are also quite expensive, and when you pay top dollar, you’d better get a good deal for the price.

Check if it’s a unibody or not
Several trim variants of the Jeep® Grand Cherokee feature a unibody build that means the upper chassis and frame are the same. They are lighter, roomier, and flexible for modifications. You can consider the unibody trim variants while shopping for a pre-owned Jeep® Grand Cherokee available for sale.