Check out some of the best electric cars in the auto industry

Check out some of the best electric cars in the auto industry

With climate change taking over the globe, human beings collectively need to prioritize leading cleaner and greener lives. Along with avoiding plastic, recycling, and upcycling goods, we also need to stop consuming non-renewable resources such as fuels. For this purpose, as a start, we need to switch to electric vehicles over those powered by petrol or diesel. So, if you want to do your bit to save the planet, here are some of the best electric cars in the market.

BMW i3

There’s no denying that BMW makes some of the best cars on the market, from the design to the engine, their unique style is applauded among avid car enthusiasts. It then makes sense that they’d also have one of the slickest electric cars. In 2019, they released the BMW i3 with a whopping price tag, promising it would be worth it. It is a compact hatchback that makes for a perfect hybrid of luxury and functionality with heated front seats, parking sensors, auto windshield wipers, and a 6.5-inch touch screen. With an estimate of 153 miles on a full charge, the fancy car also comes with keyless entry and automatic headlights.

Mercedes Benz B-Class

Another powerhouse in the auto industry is Mercedes with its 2017 Mercedes Benz B-Class electric car. The midsized vehicle is suited for a family of five. It perfectly combines an everyday vehicle with electric power that can travel an estimated 87 miles on a full charge. It comes with extra features such as cruise control, forward collision mitigation, and even Bluetooth® and audio connectivity along with the Mercedes COMMAND™ interface. The electric vehicle also comes with 17.7 cubic feet of cargo or storage area in the rear, which makes this perfect for local grocery trips.

Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric comes with a ton of features that combine luxury with eco-friendliness. With an estimated run of 118 miles on a full charge, this car is one of the most efficient electric vehicles on this list. It also comes with a whole bunch of other tech features such as heated seats and steering wheel, an eight-inch touch screen with the Ford SYNC® infotainment system, and a Sony® sound system with 10 speakers.

Nissan LEAF

A hatchback that combines style with practicality, the Nissan LEAF does not disappoint on any level. With an estimate of 150 miles on a full charge, the electric car provides for a smooth traveling experience with a capacity of four passengers and twenty-four cubic feet cargo in the back. The latest model comes with a panorama of features such as keyless entry and keyless ignition, automatic climate control (2019 model), a forward-collision warning system along with automatic emergency braking, NissanConnect® connectivity, and remote access system, along with Apple CarPlay. The older models come with rearview cameras, Bluetooth® connectivity, and even a five-inch display.