Best features of all-purpose Dyson hand dryers

Best features of all-purpose Dyson hand dryers

Be it at home or workplace, maintaining high hygiene standards is one of the primary concerns of many. Among the different products used for this purpose, hand dryers play an important role. They help to reduce the chances of infection that is most likely to occur from the wet skin. This is also the reason why drying hands after washing is crucial for hand hygiene.

If you’re looking for a high-quality hand dryer range, Dyson hand dryers are an excellent choice. Here are some of the reasons which make Dyson dryers the top choice among the customers.

Manufactured by Dyson Ltd., a British technology giant with an expertise in household appliances, here are some features of the Dyson hand dryer range.

  • Fast and efficient
    The excellent technology used in Dyson hand dryers allows them to dry hands within 10 to 12 seconds. Furthermore, the dryer helps the user avoid germs with its touch-free technology.
  • Less energy consumption
    As compared to the other dryers available, Dyson dryers are much more energy efficient. They consume approximately 80% less energy and produce much lesser carbon dioxide as compared to other air dryers. They help in saving both costs as well as space.
  • Upgraded technology for filtered air
    Dyson Airblade™ Dryers come with HEPA filter technology that helps in removing more than 99.9% of bacteria as compared to the usual air drying of hands.
  • Convenience of use
    One of the highlights of Dyson dryers is their touch-free operation, which enhances the convenience of the user.
  • Easy installation
    The company ensures that the dryer installation is done by highly trained, professionally qualified, and courteous technicians who take complete ownership of the task and pay attention to all the minute details such as leaving your home as clean as it was before the installation.
  • Complete safety
    Most hand dryers become extremely hot, posing a serious risk to the user. With Dyson dryers, you do not have to worry about the safety aspect. The dryer uses the latest technology to ensure a pleasant experience for its users.

The company also offers several other products such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, heaters, and air treatments to choose from. Among the hand dryer range, the most popular models include Dyson Airblade V and Dyson Airblade™ Wash+Dry Hand Dryer.