A brief comparison of LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy S8

A brief comparison of LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy S8

In the competitive world of cell phone technology, there are many brands fighting in a race to the top. Of these, two of the popular smartphones in the market include LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30 smartphones were priced at around $750 and $800 respectively during their release in April and September 2017, respectively. However, their prices varied depending largely on the carrier. The LG V30 comes as a single SIM as well as a dual-SIM model. However, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes only in a dual-SIM model. Both devices are 4G LTE compatible handsets that offer uninterrupted internet browsing speed.

The LG V30 weighs around 158 grams which makes it slightly heavier than its rival, the Samsung Galaxy S8 which weighs 155 grams. The body of both the devices is aluminum framed while the front and back are made up of Gorilla Glass 5.

Both the LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones are certified by IP68 for being dustproof and waterproof for 30 minutes under 1.5 meters depth. Both the devices have a 16M color capacitive touchscreen; the LG V30 smartphone comes with a P-OLED screen and the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone comes with an AMOLED display. The LG V30 has a 6.0-inch screen while the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch display.

The operating system of the LG V30 is 7.1.2, Android Nougat which is a higher update of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s operating system which is the 7.0 Android Nougat. However, both the devices can be upgraded and can work smoothly on the Android Oreo 8.0. Both devices work on an octa-core processor. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is the common chipset installed in the LG V30 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In LG V30 single SIM model has a 400GB microSD card that can be inserted in its dedicated slot. While in the case of the dual SIM LG V30 model, the 400GB microSD can be inserted into the second SIM card slot. Moreover, since the Samsung Galaxy S8 is available only as a dual-SIM model, a memory card of 400GB can be used in it by placing it in the second SIM card slot.