7 Essential Summer Car Tips You Must Know

7 Essential Summer Car Tips You Must Know

Road trips are what makes summer so much fun. Who doesn’t enjoy going on a long road trip with their besties while basking in the much-awaited sun? We all do. But with summer come the horrid heat, dust, and dirt that wreck our car.

So, how do you make your car ready for the long summer trip that you are super excited about?

Here is some advice that will help you maintain your car this summer:

• Get your oil system checked

Change in weather affects your car’s oil system and oil filters. One critical car-care tip is to refill your gas tank if it isn’t full for the smooth functioning of your engine. Your car’s oil filters help in keeping away unnecessary dirt, debris, and metal from the oil. If your oil filter is damaged it will allow these foreign particles to mix with the oil, which in turn will reduce your engine’s efficiency.

• Do a complete servicing of your car

Winter does severe damage to your car. The snow wrecks your brakes, engine, and the whole look of your car. Hence, another car-care tip is to get a full check-up done to fix any damage. Make sure that you nicely clean the inside and the outside of the car. Do not neglect the floor mats, which get dirty during winters if you live in a snowy area. Add a wax coat on your car to prevent paint chipping.

• Check your car tires

Periodically checking your car’s tire pressure is another car-care tip you must make a note of. In extreme weathers, tires stretch out and there is a chance of overinflating or underinflating of your car. So, it is best to adjust the tire pressure according to the seasons. Before your summer road trip, make sure your car’s tire pressure isn’t too low as it causes rapid wearing of tires.

• Investigate the car hood

A helpful car-care habit is to get your hands dirty and open the hood every few weeks. Investigate the insides and make sure that everything is under control. Check for cracks, leaks, or anything that looks abnormal.

While doing so, also pay attention to your car’s fluid levels. Oil, coolant, power steering, transmission, and brake fluid levels need to be maintained. If any of these levels are low, get it refilled.

• Pack an emergency kit

It goes without saying that one of the best car-care tips is to follow is to have a survival kit ready in your car at all times. This kit should have items that will help you survive if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

You can keep some basic stuff like a car tool kit, flashlight, extra mobile charger, medical kit, and some energy bars that will keep you pumped up.

• Test your car’s battery

Before setting off for the long trip, get your car’s battery checked. The extreme summer heat reduces the shelf life of your car battery, and there is a high chance of your battery going dead. So, it is best to replace a worn-out, damaged battery with a new one.

• Keep your car cool

If you haven’t fixed your car air conditioning system since last summer, then now is the good time to do so. Note that a broken air condition system might have Freon leaking out into the atmosphere, which is harmful to your health. Also, resist from blasting off your AC for a while and then suddenly switching it off. The sudden change damages the cooling system. Instead, keep a steady air conditioning level inside the car.

Just take proper care of your car to avoid car troubles on your summer trip.