5 natural remedies to treat chronic cough effectively

5 natural remedies to treat chronic cough effectively

Chronic cough is rated as the one of the most-annoying and most-brutal ailments of all time. Not only does it bother you and the ones who stay closer to you, but also makes sure that it does some damage every time you have a coughing fit. There’s a common consensus among people that chronic cough ails those who smoke. However, chronic cough affects smokers and non-smokers alike, although smoking makes you more prone to coughing fits.

After you visit a physician, the pills and syrups would do their trick but again there are some side-effects, for instance, you might find yourself dozing away at work after a teaspoon of cough syrup. So, here’s where natural remedies come in. These are completely natural and you won’t be caught sleeping at work.

Here’s a list of some great natural remedies for treating chronic cough.

  • Steam- Steam is known to clear the airways to your lungs. The phlegm and mucus that have lodged itself into your system are loosened with steam and can help the normal flow of air. Also, if you add some essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree oils to it, it would fasten your healing process. Take care that you don’t burn yourself in this process.
  • Honey- A spoonful of honey would give you immediate relief from your coughing fit. Honey has a very soothing effect on your mucus membranes that are already quite agitated. A spoonful of honey before going to bed would do the trick for you.
  • Gargle salt water- Gargling salt water is known to provide relief to sore throat through the process of osmosis. A similar reaction takes place when you gargle salt water. The warm water provides relief to the aching throat muscles and the salt helps in reducing the inflammation.
  • Thyme- Thyme has great medicinal properties and has been used for centuries. It helps relax the muscles of trachea and bronchi and also helps the airways to ease up. Bruise a fresh thyme and place it in 8 ounces of boiling water. You can add honey or lemon for taste. Brew this concoction and consume it before going to sleep.
  • Pepper+Honey- Pepper is endowed with great medicinal properties. Pepper helps in cleansing your lungs off the unnecessary mucus and phlegm and would clear your airways. However, consuming pepper alone would be too much for us. So, creating a potion of honey and pepper would please your taste buds and rid you off the annoying cough.

All of these above mentioned remedies are 100% natural, and it would be safe to say that none of it would have any side-effects.