4 Things a Student Should Consider When Buying a Laptop

4 Things a Student Should Consider When Buying a Laptop

Computers have changed the world of education. Some of us may still remember taking books and pens to the school, college, or university. Those times are almost gone. Professors, teachers, students, and school-management teams have moved to different types of electronic gadgets for learning.

Student laptops are the most important of them all. The demand is ever-increasing and it is a must in many institutions. This leaves a student on a hunt for a laptop that can help him/her through this phase.

There are so many tech giants like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, etc., who release laptops every month. Google has its Chromebook line of laptops while Microsoft has Surface. Apple is certainly standing at the top of that mountain.

Too many options always leave us in a confused state. Peer pressure and marketing hype may lead a student to buy a product which they later regret. Our youth are bright and smart, but buying a student laptop can be quite a challenge. So what are some details we should look into for buying a student laptop?

The course you take

A student pursuing a career in designing or graphic arts will require a laptop that has a high-end graphics processor. A music student who records and does a lot of other creative work may choose a MacBook, which is the best fit for that line of work. Based on the line of studies you take and its requirements, select the required laptop. Many universities have a prescribed set of technical specifications that suit the course.


Electronic companies release new products and new updates almost on a daily basis. When there are so many demands and advancements in technology, one should make sure they buy a product which has all the latest hardware and software updates. You are probably going to have only one laptop for the entire course. This makes it important to have the latest model which will be compatible with future updates until you are done with school or college.

For example, if you buy a laptop with the latest processor (such as Intel i7 processor), you may be able to compete with the speeds of any future laptops that have a higher processor. On the contrary, if you choose a laptop that has an i3 processor, it will not be very fast when newer products come out.

The important aspect to remember, however, is our first point. The course you take. Maybe, you do not need the latest high-end laptop, but try to buy a laptop that can match up with any future requirements of your course.

Sale and warranty

It might be possible that your educational institution has tied up with a vendor who offers a discount. If that is the case, you should check them out. Always wait for a sale as that would help you save some hard-earned money. Do a lot of research online and in-store before you circle out the right product with the right price.

Check for the warranty that is provided by the manufacturer or vendor and always add additional damage protection for those unforeseen circumstances. It is also important to educate yourself on the technology because you don’t want to be waiting in long queues when you call customer support.


Student life is one of the best phases in everybody’s life. Gaming and entertainment are a huge part of this life. If you are someone who loves gaming, you need a laptop which has a decent graphics memory. You may be a hardcore gamer or a part-time gamer, but having a laptop that can help you play that favorite game of yours will add to the satisfaction.

Never forget the entertainment bit as that is going to be an important stress buster.

Make sure you run through the above checklist before buying a student laptop.