4 elegant jewelry pieces that every woman must own

4 elegant jewelry pieces that every woman must own

Shakespeare had, eons ago, given the jewelry designers the exact psychology of every buyer, when he said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The very idea of beauty is quite subjective and keeps varying from person to person. Every year, the jewelry trends keep changing and fashion enthusiasts try to keep up with these trends. What had been in vogue two years ago, would not be considered a trendy jewelry in the present day. However, there are certain jewelry items that never go out of style! These aren’t the actual vintage jewelry that people pay an atrocious amount for, they are the regular jewelry items that has withstood the test of changing times and trends, and still hold a very important position is a woman’s jewelry box.

If you wish to own jewelry that would never fade into oblivion, then these are some really interesting jewelry that would make you feel elegant and trendy at the same time.

Diamond studs- Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This statement is reasserted in the fact that diamonds never go out of style. A pair of simple diamond studded earrings are a must in your jewelry box. These are the most elegant and minimalistic jewelry that you can ever wear. Got a cocktail dress and wish to go minimalistic? Try a good hairstyle and adorn your ears with the sparkling diamond studs. There, you are the belle of the ball now.

A pearl set- Pearls are the saving grace for women who don’t wish to opt for dazzling jewelry and are more inclined to let their sober style grab attention. A pearl set that consists of earring and necklace is a classic jewelry that can be worn even with your “little black dress” or your glimmering prom gown.

A cocktail ring- Who doesn’t love a big glimmering rock adorning their finger? There’s not set rule that you need to be married or engaged to wear a rock on your finger. This semi-precious jewelry piece would give you “the boss lady” look without wearing any edgy fashion jewelry.

A diamond bracelet- Every woman has a jewelry that she has inherited from her grandmother or her mother that looks vintage and radiates elegance. A simple diamond bracelet on your delicate wrist is what would complete the perfect evening attire for your much-awaited date. The delicate glimmering stones held together by an even more delicate metal would be the perfect semblance of grace and confidence.

No matter which year you live in or what are the trending jewelry pieces, these above-mentioned jewelry items would never go out of style and are must-haves in your jewelry collection.