3 cool apps for engaging employees on the go

3 cool apps for engaging employees on the go

Research states that an engaged workforce always outperforms a disengaged workforce. Satisfied and engaged employees are far more productive. Also, they have been observed to be loyal to their organization. To enable this kind of engagement, it is essential to stay connected. This is where employee-engagement platforms become indispensable. Moreover, most organizations have employees working on the go or remotely, so employee engagement apps become even more useful.

Launched in 2013, Slack came to be known as an email and Facebook disrupter. Based on Cloud, Slack is a mobile-engagement tool and an internal communicator. It helps teams consolidate all their communications in one place. With Slack, employees can be part of channels like groups. These channels can be public or private. The channels here can be used to send messages, files, documents. Plus, Slack lets organizations create channels for specific clients and projects for a more streamlined work process. Additionally, Slack can be integrated with other platforms, like Dropbox and Hangouts.

Yammer is a social networking app for professionals. It requires a company email ID for login and even has a mobile version. With this app, an employee can get push notifications whenever they are working remotely or out of office. An extension of the desktop app, Yammer lets employees send private messages to one another. Moreover, employees can send and receive photos and documents with OneDrive and Dropbox integrations. Since it is quite similar to personal social media apps (such as Facebook), employees do not need any professional training to use the app.

Tap My Back
This app is a tool for employee recognition and motivation. With this app, employees can recognize their team members for their contributions and actions in real-time. Additionally, team leaders can view team information on a single platform. The team leader can check all the actions listed for employees and provide feedback as well. This app lets team leaders check how engaged and satisfied the team members are. This information can also be used to list out goals for individual employees. Tap My Back brilliantly taps into the fact that engaged employees always result in positive outcomes for an organization.

All these apps are available on Google Play Store and the App Store.